Dumped in a vessel – in Hauser’s case some empty beer bottles, a coffee percolator, a glass of milk – and left to stand proudly, ageing. This series of floral photographs give due praise to the complexity of evolving beauty and honour the (rarely honoured) charm of life’s temporality. Rather than flawless, Hauser gives us honesty. Rather than idyllic, we see these full bodied orbs releasing petals like sighs, letting each velvety casing crumple and harden and brown; these flowers plucked from the earth are touched by oxygen, touched by sunlight, touched by the surety of decay just like all of us. But here they are in all their glory, never lamenting bygones but quietly revelling in all the wondrous stages of their lives. Sincerity, ease and gracefulness: this is beauty.

image credit: Thomas Hauser, “Amazona”.